Businesses in the Banking and Financial Services industry are always facing challenges from local and international developments. Every time a new technology emerges on the business landscape, their IT team goes into a huddle for evaluating options on how to deal with such developments. With their customers embracing new communication and access technologies at regular periods, business in the BFSI segment are always looking for technology partners who can help them meet these challenges.

When choose Gray Matrix as your IT consulting and solutions partner, you get access to the best professionals across disciplines, who are experts in putting cutting edge technology to work for helping your business successfully meet the challenges of your industry. We take pride in sharing the fact that we are the preferred partner of leading businesses in the BFSI segment for outsourcing and offshoring of IT consulting, systems and software development and robust business process management solutions. The financial services arm of Gray Matrix is fully equipped to service all the software needs of businesses in Retail and Corporate Banking, Financial Markets and Insurance, in terms of technology, processes and human resource.

Using our unique methodology of integrating our robust technology with your business operations, we empower you to proactively address potential business risks, adhere to continuous industry and government regulations, manage reporting with real time agility, and amend the product features. Having worked with international clients in diverse BFSI verticals, we possess vast industry segment experience and expertise for designing and developing sustainable business strategies with strict adherence to cost efficiencies.