Time, cost and delivery are the biggest challenges for any IT organization. According to research conducted by a leading business consultancy, around 45% of large scale IT projects such as cloud migration, mobile workforce and modernizing technologies run over budget, 7% run over time and 56% deliver less value that they should. Gray Matrix offers you comprehensive services which include managed cloud, application development and remote monitoring and maintenance amongst others, to design, develop, deliver and support your fundamental technology needs. We ensure that the right people, processes and technologies are deployed to deliver comprehensive IT services. Our team of experts acts as an extension of your team to build flexible solutions that effectively meet the needs and challenges of your business. These solutions deliver business continuity, agility and certainty. We understand that you need to solve a variety of complex technology challenges. From efficiently supporting mobile workforces to upgrading infrastructure and expanding capacity, to proactively maintaining technology for reducing risk of downtime; we help you to stay on top of the technology curve. With Gray Matrix Technology Outsourcing Solutions, you gain a sense of certainty from knowing that your data is proactively monitored, fully secure and easily recoverable. We are backed by over two decades of technical expertise and best practices and an 80% customer renewal rate. While we build and maintain your technology infrastructure, you focus on growing your business.

As your technology solutions partner, Gray Matrix offers you the following services

  • Fully understand your market, decide your business goals and draw up a solid plan for achieving them
  • Complete support in conceptualizing your solution
  • Conceptualize, design and build solutions by combining various technologies and offer them as one end-to-end single product.
  • Seamless collaborative development with your IT team, for reducing Cost and Time to Market
  • Providing verification, validation and certification of all technology solutions