Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Gray Matrix develops next generation applications with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning at its core which are acclimatized for your business needs. Artificial Intelligence software solutions like machine learning models and artificial intelligence apps will helps businesses to automate the operations of any department, ensure fail-safe decision making with predictive models that analyse data and propose spot-on information, safeguard business physically and digitally, and significantly increase the productivity of employees by working alongside them.

Our Services

Machine Learning

We build applications of Artificial Intelligence that empower businesses to procure unmatched benefits of machine learning – a technology that allows machines to utilize data for self-learning, just like humans do. Machine Learning technology is capable of interpreting complicated data, detecting trends and identifying patterns in it for learning the human behavior.


Businesses think of chatbot as an additional channel to stay closer to customers. We help businesses in building chatbots that work in conjunction to website, landing page and mobile apps in order to provide the best user experience. Hidden Brains can help you build chatbots across various platforms including Facebook, Telegram, Microsoft, Oracle, Slack and more.

Alexa App Development

Hidden Brains offers services to build for Amazon Alexa Skills Development. Build for voice with Alexa, Amazon’s voice service empowering several devices, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and more. Aimed at providing personalized experience, Alexa provides capabilities or skills. We provide a host of Alexa skill services that can run on Amazon Echo or any device with Alexa.

Google Assistant Development – Google Home

Hidden Brains offers comprehensive services for Google Assistant Development – Google Home, a brand of smart speakers to allow users to speak voice commands and interact with services through Google’s intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant.


Our NLP software solutions combine machine learning, AI and more to provide machines the intrinsic ability to read and understand the meaning of human languages. Hidden Brains uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and techniques to help process and evaluate unstructured “big data” to operate effectively.

Technology Stack

We use proven approaches and modern technologies that enable us to scale and extend our products with ease.

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