We put forward domain expertise, decades of experience and a passion for the client’s success. We’ve helped established business with real results by combining our in-depth industry knowledge – business models, specific challenges, technological landscape and the market context along with our technical capability to create compelling solutions.

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Simulate future functionality and design before development begins.

Discovery workshops

Discovery workshops

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Solution architechure

Solution architechure

Design a solution architecture to meet your goals for efficiency, cost and scalability.


We have helped several leading transport and logistics companies improve operational excellence and realize growth in the increasingly demanding environment. Our domain expertise helps us seamlessly integrate complex transportation management and process systems. The logistics industry is expanding operations to meet the demands of the global logistics supply chain. Gray matrix offers high-end technology solutions for logistics, warehousing and distribution service providers across the globe driving real-time visibility, optimize processes, improving productivity and meeting delivery benchmarks. Automated workflows, Data Science, IoT and mobile will serve business goals of revenue increase, cost-effective asset management and first-rate customer service.

Equip your enterprise with comprehensive process and asset management software to provide for faultless communication, minimum latency, lower operating costs and high level of operational security.

We will help you build a unified environment for executives, employees, clients and partners with a primary focus on effective collaboration.



When choose Gray Matrix as your IT consulting and solutions partner, you get access to the best professionals across disciplines, who are experts in putting cutting edge technology to work for helping your business successfully meet the challenges of your industry. We take pride in sharing the fact that we are the preferred partner of leading businesses in the BFSI segment for outsourcing and offshoring of IT consulting, systems and software development and robust business process management solutions. The financial services arm of Gray Matrix is fully equipped to service all the software needs of businesses in Retail and Corporate Banking, Financial Markets and Insurance, in terms of technology, processes and human resource.

Using our unique methodology of integrating our robust technology with your business operations, we empower you to proactively address potential business risks, adhere to continuous industry and government regulations, manage reporting with real time agility, and amend the product features. Having worked with international clients in diverse BFSI verticals, we possess vast industry segment experience and expertise for designing and developing sustainable business strategies with strict adherence to cost efficiencies.

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Gray Matrix has helps organizations to increase the visibility into entire manufacturing process along with resolving their production challenges. We help businesses focus on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning systems and big data analytics to drive cost optimization while enhancing customer experience.Our manufacturing technology solutions aim to help organizations harness technology, improve efficiencies and gain total visibility across enterprise functions.

Our domain expertise is enriched by developing new service offerings for our clients, allowing them to seamlessly transition from traditional method to a more effective service delivery model, enabled by connected digital manufacturing solutions aimed at process improvement. Our expert team helps drive growth by combining industry best practices with technological excellence that enables process developments and improvements.


Education is no longer limited to four walls of a room. Today, more and more education organizations are looking forward to leveraging technology for their day to day activities and procedures. The use of technology in areas like student management, time sheet management, fee management, online examination, e-learning, etc. greatly reduces the operational complexity.

Gray Matrix offers comprehensive IT solutions for education industry helping institutions in managing their administrative costs and maximizing their productivity to serve their students with better learning experience. From managing back-office processes to providing improved and personalized learning solutions, our expert solutions help for comprehensive software & app development solutions for the educational sector to enhance students’ Learning experience, improve the quality of imparting education, and minimize operational costs. We aim to provide solutions for the superior learning experience and seamless administrative processes.

With the latest technical know-how and specialized skills, our developers have delivered the world-class IT solutions like school management system, school erp software, custom eLearning solutions and other education management softwares and mobile apps which providing benefits to students, teachers, parents, and educational institutes.


The Healthcare industry is undergoing rapid changes as the power of digitization has expanded in to the segments of healthcare providers and payers. As a result, healthcare organizations are required to reevaluate their existing systems and adopt the necessary changes to upgrade these systems for building new business capabilities. Gray matrix empowers healthcare organizations to become consumer-driven and improve their services to achieve a better health outcome. With our scalable, efficient and sustainable healthcare solutions, you can streamline your operations and overall administrative structure.

We worked with product companies trapped in the legacy mode to make the jump to digital, making a head-start with mobility-enabled services. We invested into R&D, designing hardware, software and firmware to build innovative software products that enhance patient outcomes and engagement. With the arrival of digital technologies, consumer healthcare devices flooding markets, and regulators pushing for better compliance and standards, floodgates of opportunities opened up for product companies and startups. Gray matrix continues to partner with such businesses to hand hold them through their transformation time period

Retail & eCommerce

The retail business worldwide is experiencing a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, product positioning and business models. Luxury and designer brands are becoming visibly prominent, online shopping platforms are weaning away customers from brick and mortar stores and private labels are creating their own market segment. This scenario is forcing traditional retailers to relook at their business models and adapt them to the shifting customer preferences.

A strategically designed technology based solution can help these retailers in achieving operational excellence, significantly improving customer experience, efficiently managing geographical preferences and real time collaboration with suppliers and other stakeholders. Gray Matrix will automate your critical processes using state-of-the-art technology, and enable real time availability of information for enabling you to take more informed decisions.

After understanding your present business status and future goals, we design and develop customized business solutions for elevating your business process to an internationally competitive level. Our deep understanding of the retail business enables us to empower your business with flexible, powerful and scalable solutions.

Our Retail Business Services division uses the latest technologies, methodologies and processes for delivering cutting edge solutions within the committed time frame. At Gray Matrix, we offer you the entire spectrum of IT outsourcing and software development services, which includes consulting, designing, development, implementation and support.

  • Our areas of expertise include
  • Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Customer Information Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Internet based Procurement Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing
  • Accounts Receivable

Our international clients have lauded us for our project execution skills and customer-focused approach, which has significantly improved their bottom line, raised the customer service level, increased customer retention and attracted new customers.


Travel & Hospitality

Whenever the threat of any economic downturn or slowdown looms large on the global business horizon, the first sector face the brunt is usually the Travel & Hospitality industry. Being a completely customer driven industry, this sector faces the challenge of continuously engaging their customers with enticing value propositions.

Through its dedicated travel and hospitality services division, Gray Matrix optimizes cutting edge solutions for effectively addressing domain related business obstacles, and helps companies derive business advantages out of them. Our parameters of empowering your business with high operational efficiency and decisive competitive edge, help you meet and exceed the evolving expectations of your customers.

Our range of services encompasses the entire spectrum of IT services for the travel and hospitality industry. This includes application development, testing, migration, implementation, support, consulting and business intelligence. Our internationally competent team of travel domain and technology experts work closely for designing, developing and implementing these high quality solutions using the best practices and latest technology with optimum cost efficiency.

  • Outsourcing your Travel & Hospitality business process to Gray Matrix offers distinct benefits
  • Achieving the highest process and operational efficiency through complete automation
  • Utilizing technology to discover new areas and platforms for generating additional revenue
  • Creating unprecedented customer value through generating more visibility
  • Winning the loyalty of existing and new customers for creating lifetime customer revenue

Media & Entertainment

As long as people love to get entertained, the Media and Entertainment industry will keep on growing. However, with this growth come challenges for companies in this category. These challenges include emergence of new technologies, changing customer preferences, increasing pressure to reduce operational expenses and the rising tidal wave of digital entertainment. The media and entertainment business is changing for sure and companies that do not adapt to the changing times will soon be left behind.

The rapid changes in distribution channels, delivery formats and devices has made it imperative for businesses in this segment to invest in cutting edge IT solutions. Technology will help them stay on top of the customer preference curve and swiftly respond to the challenges in real time.

Gray Matrix has internationally proven technology and human resource expertise for creating efficient business management solutions that will help your business ride the success wave in the digital entertainment era. Our working models are completely client centric and fully backed by presence across key geographies. Our proven in-house capabilities will define and develop winning solutions that will help your business to reduce operating cost, gain a decisive competitive edge and create new revenue streams.

We have decades of experience in providing effective IT solutions for business in the Media and Entertainment industry worldwide. Our experienced team of creative thinkers, technologists and engineers work together for conceptualizing and delivering business enhancement solutions that ensure a delightful experience for your customers. And happy customers means more business!

Along with creating and implementing world class business solutions, we also excel in providing consulting, business intelligence and critical business support, for strategizing business processes and helping them adapt to the latest technology.

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Energy & Utilities

Sustenance and growth challenges continuously affect businesses across diverse industry segments, and the Energy and Utilities segment is no exception. This sector is subject to unique challenges like fluctuating commodity markets, volatility in oil prices, supply constraints, environmental awareness, and continuous realignment of organizational structures, regulations and processes. While emergence of new technologies is another challenge for this sector, the increasing level of customer expectations necessitates the need for aligning with an internationally competent IT solutions and technology company.

The experience technologists and software solutions experts at Gray Matrix understand this industry inside out, and are aware of all the challenges and difficulties it faces. They are adept at creating path breaking IT solutions to help your business meet these challenges successfully and gain a winning edge over competition. We possess extensive domain knowledge, latest technological know-how and ability to deliver these solutions within your deadlines.

When you partner with Gray Matrix, you gain access to our deep industry knowledge and unique domain expertise in the key areas of the Energy and Utility domain, which includes field services, customer information system, work force management, outage management, billing and tariff management, data acquisition, usage management, account management and metering system solutions. We specialize in designing and developing top quality business critical solutions at costs that are internationally competitive.


Even the biggest technology companies are at risk of falling prey to targeted attacks and unexpected situations.The success of a technology company depends on its network’s stability and security at large. Whether you’re a startup company or a mature organization, your technology resources are mission-critical, we serve as an extension of their team, whether on a project basis or providing managed services, assuring that they’re equipped for digital resilience.


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