Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Developers

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Developers

Experience : 2-5 years

Job Role:

  • Research, develop, optimize and productize for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.
  • Identifying data sources, extract information and insight from the identified sources (both structured and unstructured information) at the scale of the web.
  • Implement core NLP functionality (Tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, dependency parsing), and modules supporting natural language understanding, e.g. relation extraction, sentiment analysis and named entity recognition.
  • Design experiments, test hypotheses and build actionable and scalable models to improve consumer or client experience.
  • Manage projects and deliverables, and design, deploy, and enhance machine learning-driven software solutions.
  • Help in estimating the cost of building production ready solutions.
  • Use Agile methodologies for fast and predictable releases.
  • Make extensive use of automation to simplify service operations
  • Help in building team.
  • Mentor junior members of the team.

Job Application

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